Media Shutters to Point at KCR?The other day, Mahabubabad MLA, Bhanu Shankar Naik misbehaved with Collector Preethi Meena at an event. The Collector complained to the State Chief Secretary and IAS Officers Association alleging that the MLA is misbehaving with her for quite some time.

The coverage of this news is quite interesting and reveals how media is being controlled in Telanganaa. The Breaking News is not about the MLA misbehaving with the Collector. They directly carried the news that Telangana CM is upset and wants him to apologize or get suspended.

By usual media normals, the incident is the main news and Telangana CM’s reaction should be a rejoinder news but then the rejoinder has become the main news just because the media does not want to irritate the government bosses.

This morning the MLA was arrested on the complaint of the collector and later released on Station Bail. The MLA said the collector is like his sister and may have touched her unexpectedly. Minister Chandulal who did not care for the collector’s complaint initially, later mediated between the collector and the MLA.

TRS MLA Shankar Naik misbehaves with woman collector Preeti Meena