Media Should Worship Jagan To Make Dreams True: MinisterVenugopala Krishna is one of the eleven ministers who got a second chance in Jagan’s cabinet.

He is the I&PR and Cinematography minister in Jagan’s team now.

In his maiden press conference with the media, the minister gave a bit of controversial advice to the journalists.

“If the problems of journalists are to be solved, they should start worshiping Jagan and stop inquiring (ఆరాధించాలి కానీ ఆరా తీయొద్దు),” the minister advised.

Some media personnel immediately intervened and said inquiring is their job (ఆరా తీయడమే మా పని).

“See if have worshiped Jagan and I have become a minister. If you worship him with integrity (చిత్తశుద్ధితో ఆరాధిస్తే), your dream will come true as well,” the minister told them.

Venugopala Krishna was the BC welfare minister in the previous cabinet. He got a second term once again but got his portfolio changed this time.

“Probably the minister wants us to bend before Jagan how some ministers did after taking the oath,” the media personnel are saying in private.