USA, New Abortion Law Boy meets girl, they get intimate, and the next thing the girl knows is that she is pregnant. Sounds like a movie from the ‘60s, ‘70s, and the ‘80s even till the ‘90s. Then the boy slips off, and it’s up to the girl to decide on an abortion. Now, the USA Supreme Court has made a historic ruling banning abortion in the country. However, it is allowed in Democrat-ruled states.

Now to the big question — Why are girls or women solely responsible for the decision to go for an abortion when the intimacy happens between a male and a female? For years, it has been an issue of contention in the US, and it looks like the conservatives have finally had their way.

If one watches films from the yore, it is pretty clear that it is a tough decision for a girl or a woman to go for abortion as her maternal instincts stop her from taking the step. However, social and economic conditions make many women take the big step that is considered to be against the Catholic Church.

However, the law comes at a time when abortion laws are being eased in countries such as Ireland, Argentina, Mexico, and Colombia. In the past, in 1973, the court had said that women had a constitutional right over the privacy of their bodies.

This has been overturned now amidst massive protests across the country. Women can get abortions done within six weeks in some states, after which they will not be eligible. Unfortunately, that is the time when a woman actually knows if she got pregnant.

Traveling to states that allow abortion is arduous and costly for many. And many feel the law is a big blow to black and Hispanic women in the country.