Marriage Disaster Story: It Happens Only in India!In a Madhya Pradesh Village, two sisters married the wrong grooms after a mix-up due to a power cut in a village in Madhya Pradesh. The brides had worn veils and, because of which, performed the wedding rituals with the wrong grooms.

Rameshlals daughters Karishma and Nikita were going to get married to Dangwara Ganesha and Bhola. But they accidentally married the wrong grooms as they were in ghoonghats and were wearing the same wedding dresses.

This unfortunate incident happened in Aslana village in Badnagar tehsil, around 20 kilometers from Ujjain.

The mix-up came to light after it was too late.

According to the media reports, the grooms had taken the wrong brides to their homes when the blunder was noticed.

After a minor dispute, the families were able to reach a settlement, after which the grooms and the brides were asked to perform the rituals again with their right partners the next day.

The bizarre incident has created a furor on social media, with netizens saying, “It happens only in India.”