YSR_Congress_PartyMarkapuram, Prakasam district has become a stronghold of the YSR Congress. The party has won in the 2014 and 2019 elections as well.

Kunduru Nagarjuna Reddy won the 2019 elections with around 19K votes majority.

He has returned from the USA and immediately became an MLA. His father KP Konda Reddy is a four time MLA in Markapuram.

YSR Congress set aside Janke Venkata Reddy in 2019 and given Markapuram ticket to Kunduru Nagarjuna Reddy in 2019.

Even though Kunduru Nagarjuna Reddy is the MLA, his brother Krishna Mohan Reddy, father Konda Reddy, and father-in-law, Udumula Srinivas Reddy are calling shots in the constituency.

Party leaders are vexed with the shadow MLAs. There are allegations of encroachments in the name of the MLA.

Party leaders and cadre have deserted the MLA and have reached out to former MLA Janke Venkata Reddy.

As a result, there are two groups in YSR Congress in Markapuram.

The former MLA is trying to get the Markapuram ticket in 2024. By fighting among themselves, the image of the party is getting degraded in the constituency and TDP is getting an edge here.