jai ramramesh _ KCRJairam Ramesh who closed observed things in Delhi during the State bifurcation came up with 242 Pages Book on the bifurcation name ‘Old History and New Geography: Bifurcating Andhra Pradesh’. The Book is now in Market. Jairam Ramesh in this book mentioned that KCR’s Deeksha prompted Center to announce Telangana.

“We have reports that situations in Hyderabad are very intense. Maoists and their supporters wanted his health to deteriorate and is aiming for something untoward to happen. Intelligence reports said something big is planned by them if KCR is in danger. We thought something big should happen to bring things normal,” Jairam Ramesh said.

Jairam Ramesh also said that the announcement made by Chidambaram then was drafted in Prime Minister’s Residence in the presence of Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee and the then CM Rosaiah. Jairam also mentioned that making Hyderabad as Common Capitaal was seriously considered but then dropped midway.