Maoist RK Safe Varavara Rao - Malkangiri EncounterThe Mystery around the missing of Maoist Top Leader, RK is now solved. Naxalite sympathizer, Varavara Rao has confirmed that they have received a message from the Maoists that RK is safe. Maoists reportedly sent an audio stating that they are all safe. And with this, it is confirmed that Maoist Sympathizers are unnecessarily blaming the Police.

They even approached the Hyderabad High Court demanding that RK should be saved. Back then they claimed that they believe in the Judiciary and knocked its door to save RK. Now, these Sympathizers should lead the police to RK and bring him into the docks for the involvement in 40 cases.

Should Varavara Rao and other Maoist Sympathizers not prosecuted for aiding the Naxalites and for not leading the police to them even though they are fully aware of his whereabouts? Should RK’s wife and Varavara Rao not be made responsible for wasting the valuable time of the High Court and the government with misleading petitions?