Komatireddy-Rajagopal-Reddy-BJPEvery road in Telangana is leading to Manugode now. Such is the degree of political importance the Manugode by-election has packed. TRS, BJP, and Congress are going all out to win the by election here.

Coming to the topic, Komatireddy Rajagopal Reddy who was previously with Congress quit the party and is now contesting on BJP ticket has declared his assets.

If you’re wondering what’s so special about a candidate declaring his assets, the Rajagopal Reddy case throws a huge surprise.

The BJP MLA candidate has declared personal assets worth Rs 22,267 crores. He has declared another Rs 5244 crores assets on his wife’s name.

In total, Rajagopal Reddy has declared assets worth Rs 27,000 crores, making him one of the richest candidates in the country. He filed his nomination today and this is when his staggering assets declaration came out and caught the attention all over on social media.