Manugode-By-Pol--More-Comedy-From-KA-PaulThe Manugode by polls are hitting the penultimate phase now. The election nominations process has been wrapped up today and this is when comical politician KA Paul took it upon himself to create more comedy.

All the while, Paul had been publicizing that he will be fielding Telangana revolutionary, Gaddar from Manugode. But all of a sudden, Paul has create high drama, saying he himself will be contesting in the election.

KA Paul has stated that he will be the candidate from Prajashanthi party. He has announced that Gaddar was obstructed by the police from filing the nomination and that is the reason why he decided to field his nomination himself.

Paul is known for his comical comments and impractical offers to his political rivals. In the serious mood that the Manugode by polls are progressing, this last minute from hungama from Paul is providing some comical relief.