Narendra_ModiThe elections in five states have given disappointing results for BJP. The Saffron Party managed to be on the winning side in a small state like Assam and a Union Territory like Puducherry. The party has lost all major states like West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala. Modi and Amit Shah went all out to defeat Mamatha Banerjee.

The pro-BJP national media and the party’s social media battery tried to manipulate the public perception in West Bengal. The atmosphere in the media and the social media is almost like BJP is heading towards a sensational victory in West Bengal but then, the ground zero is different.

Trinamool Congress’s Victory is almost one-sided. On the other side, Modi Government has failed the country in handling the COVID second wave as well. There is chaos all around as the Government failed to foresee the chance of another wave and also let down the country with bad preparation.

There is a shortage of vaccines and the Modi Government is giving them for free to other countries for International Press. There is a shortage of life-saving drugs like Remdesivir and even Oxygen cylinders in hospitals. People are dying and the Union Government is looking clueless.

It looks like Modi and Amit Shah can no longer bank on media manipulation!