Ganji-ChiranjeeviYSR Congress had engineered a plan to trouble Nara Lokesh in his Mangalagiri constituency. They have attracted TDP Senior leader, Ganji Chiranjeevi.

Chiranjeevi has resigned from the party and made critical comments on TDP.

YSR Congress expected that this move will trouble TDP but nothing of that sort has happened. Not even a single leader or party worker of TDP left with Chiranjeevi.

TDP cadre in Mangalagiri believes that Chiranjeevi compromised with Alla Rama Krishna Reddy in the 2014 elections.

They believe he did not take the re-counting seriously when Alla just won the election with mere 12 votes.

Chiranjeevi did not get the ticket in 2019 since Nara Lokesh has contested. Lokesh will contest in 2024 as well. So, Chiranjeevi has no hopes whatsoever. So his outburst did not matter to anyone.

However, there is a disturbance in YSR Congress’s camp. Sitting MLA Alla Rama Krishna Reddy and his cadre are disturbed by the way how the party is promoting their rival.

They are already unhappy that Jagan went back on his promise of not giving a cabinet berth to Alla despite his promise during the 2019 election campaign.

In a way, the defection in TDP has boomeranged on YSR Congress.