Farmers of Mangalagiri, Tadikonda, Peda Kakani, Tulluru, Kaza and other areas of Guntur district have come together and offered to give their lands to the government in case the capital is established in the region. About 500 farmers have come to the meeting and demanded the capital to be fixed in their region. However they are asking for the 60:40 share instead of the proposed 40:60 share for parting the lands.

The small farmers who have less than 2 acres of lands are also ready to part their lands but are demanding some reasonable compensation and one government job per family. The participants of the meeting assured the government of easily pooling in 50000 acres in and around Mangalagiri if they were given the chance. They also say Guntur is more suitable than Vijayawada since land acquisition becomes difficult in Vijayawada due to the presence of many residential colonies.