Man-In-Andhra-Pradesh-Kills-Wife-And-Cuts-Body-Into-PiecesRecently, the gruesome killing of Shraddha shook the nation. Her boyfriend killed her and cut the corpse into 35 pieces. Now a similar shocker of an incident has taken place in Andhra Pradesh.

Going into the story, a couple, living in Madhurawada, Vizag locked up their house 1 year ago. The wife was a pregnant housewife and the husband was a daily wage worker.

Everyone around thought the couple were at the wife’s parents house, which is normal during the pregnancy period. So, no one grew suspicious even while the house remained locked for a year.

But on 4th December, a foul smell was coming out from the house. After noticing the same, the neighbors called on the house owner, who later broke the lock and entered the house.

The owner noticed a plastic drum inside the house and it was identified that the foul smell was coming from the same.

After taking a look inside the drum, it was identified that the pregnant woman’s body was sliced into pieces and put into it. The horrific scene scares the onlookers and the police were called into action.

The police then filed a case and further investigation is underway now. It is understood that the body could be rotting for around a year and a half. The police are suspecting the husband.