Man Fined Rs 1 Lakh For Case Against YouTube AdsIn a strange petition, a man filed a case against video streaming service YouTube, saying the ads that are being run on the platform have distracted him from studying for competitive exams.

Going into the story, a man from Madhya Pradesh approached the Supreme Court and filed a petition against YouTube, seeking Rs 75 lakh as compensation for YouTube ads that distracted him preparing for competitive exams.

In the petition, the man wrote YouTube ads distracted him from preparing for courses through a YouTube channel. He stated that he couldn’t focus on the study material as these ads diverted his attention. He went on to seek Rs 75 lakh compensation from the digital streaming service for distracting him.

The Supreme Court turned furious against him and deemed his demand as a stint to gain publicity. He was then fined Rs 1 lakh for his acts.

The man then pleaded that he is unemployed and can’t pay such a huge fine. The court then reduced the fine to Rs 25,000 for wasting the court’s time.