tirumala-tirupati-temple-darshanTirumala is constantly in bad press for the last three years. Devotees are pained to see the holy shrine in some controversy or other frequently.

It has happened once again now. Police have arrested a person with twelve liquor bottles at Sapthagiri Guest House.

Tirumala is a fortress with round-the-clock security. There are security points that let each and everyone to the hill only after thorough checking.

There is no way someone can sneak in twelve liquor bottles without the help of the TTD insiders. So, this has disturbed the devotees big time.

For the last few months, the rush has increased so much in Tirumala as many did not have darshan for around two years due to the pandemic.

TTD has come under criticism for not making enough arrangements for the common devotees while VIPs get a free run. And now this security lapse has disturbed the devotees.