Indigo_Air_Hostess_MolestationOf late, we have been hearing an increasing number of attacks on female passengers and crew in Indian airlines. Here’s one new story about an Indian air hostess.

One of the air hostesses on the Indigo flight from Bangkok to Mumbai was allegedly molested by a Swedish passenger named Clas Eric Westberg(62).

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It all started off when Westberg started arguing with the crew about not getting the food item that he wanted. The air hostess tried to pacify the situation and after consultation, the Swedish passenger agreed to have a chicken dish.

While the air hostess was serving him the dish, Westberg touched her hand inappropriately and he was warned about the distraught female crew. And he went on to misbehave with her and also attacked one of his passengers.

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The crew and passengers had enough of this Swedish individual and a complaint was filed against him at the Airport police station. He was then arrested by Mumbai police. He was later let out on a bail.

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