Major Media Channels Impose An Unofficial Ban on JanasenaJanasena President Pawan Kalyan has announced that his party will be contesting in all the 175 constituencies of Andhra Pradesh in the coming elections. This is a major political development because Janasena is going to be a considerable force in the coming elections.

But then, most of the major News Channels have underreported this news. Major Channels have reported it just for the sake of reporting. This is the after-effect of Pawan Kalyan‘s serious allegations on TV Channels like TV9, ABN, and Maha News. He even called for a boycott of these channels.

As a result, they have imposed an unofficial ban on Janasena News. But then, this can be a temporary phase at most since both the sides need each other. Channels can not curb the news of a Charismatic Party while Janasena needs Media support to make strides in the politics.

The sooner both of them realize the better. Interestingly, hours after this happened, Janasena‘s Social Media Team, the Shatgni Team aired Video consisting of allegations on the media by some celebrities and called for the Ban on these channels.