Mahesh Babu not to campaign for TDP!
Mahesh Babu’s Brother-in-law and Managing Director of Amaraja Group, Jayadev Galla is all set to make his political entry in 2014. Even though his mother Galla Aruna is a minister in Congress Government, Jayadev will be contesting from TDP for Guntur Parliament. After the news is out, there were wide speculations that Mahesh Babu will be campaigning for Telugu Desam Party at least in Guntur Parliament segment.

In a recent interview, Jayadev was quoted saying Mahesh will always support him and that statement gave to much speculations. However, Jayadev today clarified Mahesh’s stand, he said, “I would like to make something very clear Mahesh is and will always be apolitical, which means he doesn’t support any party”. He also added that media has misquoted his ‘support me’ as ‘campaign for me’.