Superstar Mahesh Babu who has always stayed out of politics and never really showed any interest in expressing his views on the same has finally come out of his closet and has put forth a clear stand on it and the person whom he wants to support as well.

The star has openly expressed his liking of his brother in law Jayadev Galla who is contesting for the elections this time around. Mahesh Babu points towards the achievements and laurels received by him and says that politics can only change if such people come into it. He said that he is extremely confident on the capabilities of Jayadev Galla and that he would be voting for him and hoped that others too do the same.

Jayadev Galla is contesting for the position of MLA from Guntur constituency from the Telugu Desham Party. Is the actor therefore indirectly extending his support to that party as well? Well we leave it to our reader’s guess.