Maha Politics: Ruthless Shah Pulls Off Another Blinder

Maharashtra Politics: Ruthless Amit Shah Pulls Off Another BlinderBJP had pulled off something sensational once again in Maharashtra. While Shiv Sena is in never-ending discussions with NCP and Congress over the Government formation, BJP brought a split in NCP and formed the Government in the early hours of today.

Devendra Fadnavis is sworn-in as the Chief Minister while Ajith Pawar, the nephew of NCP President, Sharad Pawar is made the Deputy Chief Minister. Sharad Pawar met Prime Minister Narendra Modi earlier this week in the name of farmer problems and so, rumors are that Sharad Pawar himself ditched Sena and Congress.

But for now, he claims to have nothing with this move. Incidentally, ED had raided the Pawars before the elections and during the election campaign, BJP alleged that NCP has links with Dawood Ibrahim Gang. Everything is brushed under the carpet for the so-called Greater Good.

BJP under Modi and Amit Shah is going forward with the motive for anything and everything for Power. Even after all this, BJP will have the audacity to claim themselves as the Champions of anti-corruption drive and ethics in Politics. Meanwhile. Shiv Sena and Congress are left totally clueless with this stroke.

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