Maharashtra Drama Ends with Much-Needed Punch to Narendra Modi and Amit ShahMaharashtra Politics took a sensational turn just a few hours after Supreme Court ordered a Floor Test by Tomorrow 5 PM. Ajit Pawar who extended his support to BJP by ditching NCP’s Sharad Pawar resigned to his Deputy Chief Minister Post ahead of the Floor Test.

With no chance of winning the Floor Test, Chief Minister, Devendra Fadnavis also resigned bringing curtains over BJP’s chances. This is a massive humiliation for Modi and Amit Shah who are trying to circumvent all the systems with brute force.

With unlimited access to money and Central Agencies like CBI, ED at your disposal, obviously you can mend anything and everything. You may be called a Chanakya for that but it is a blatant misuse of Power and Position. This will do good no the democracy and will also set a bad precedent.

This incident will be playing in the back of their minds whenever they attempt something similar in the other states. BJP would certainly try to topple the Government like in the case of Karnataka
Having said that, Shiv Sena should not have ditched its Pre-Poll alliance. Both parties should have come to an understanding. But now, Sena is going to form the Government with the forces with which it fought over the years. Let us see what is in store for the crucial state of the country.