Apple_Air_Pods_TelanganaIn a historic feat, Apple AirPods are set to be manufactured in Telangana starting very soon as Apple’s supplier, Taiwanese manufacturer, Foxconn is set to establish a manufacturing facility in the state.

Foxconn is setting up a $200 million plant in Telangana and intends to start manufacturing Apple AirPods here.

Foxconn won the order to manufacture Apple Airppds and the company is set to begin manufacturing the wireless AirPods from the Telangana unit.

Foxconn is one of the largest contract electronics manufacturers in the world and they work on assembling of over 70% of iPhones globally.

Now that the Foxconn is set to start manufacturing Apple AirPods from Telangana, there’s a doubt on social media whether the prices of the AirPods would be slashed, given the local manufacturing prospects.

The plant will also deliver employment for over 1 lakh workers in the state, which is going to be another historic milestone.