Made in China Ambedkar Memorial for Telangana NTR GardensTelangana government is planning to develop Ambedkar Park in the place of the existing NTR gardens. 125 feet Ambedkar Statue and Square will come up in the land adjoining NTR gardens. There is a total of 39 acres land there and NTR gardens are currently on 4 acres. The government will use the remaining 35 acres for Ambedkar Statue and Square.

The state government is planning to rope in a Chinese company to make the statue. China has been making bronze statues for years. In fact, the country has over 1,000 bronze statues of Buddha spread across its provinces, including one that is 600 feet tall. Telangana government is planning to use the expertise for the Ambedkar statue.

A team will be sent there for a study tour. They will first study the process and will then call for global tenders. Besides the government, the city-based Ramanujacharya Trust, headed by Construction giant My Home Rameswara Rao, has employed a Chinese firm to make a 216-foot tall statue of Ramanuja, which will be installed in 2017 to mark the saint’s millennial birth anniversary celebrations.