YSRCP Attack on Macherla TDP Brahma ReddyFaction Politics have erupted once again in Macherla. YSRCP leaders and cadre took total control of Macherla town for three hours and created terror.

It all started with TDP conducting the Idhem Karma Rashtraniki program at Macherla Ring Road on Friday evening under the leadership of Macherla incharge Julakanti Brahma Reddy.

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A huge number of party sympathizers participated in the program. YSR Congress leaders and police tried to foil the program and TDP leaders tried to resist. They took a huge rally from Ring Road to the Municipal office as a protest.

A few YSR Congress persons even tried to attack them. At this stage, the TDP cadre also retaliated. The ruling party leaders took it as an insult and attacked the TDP office and properties in the evening.

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Police forcibly sent Julakanti to Guntur. YSRCP cadre attacked the Macherla TDP office, Julakanti’s house, and also the vehicles of the TDP leaders and set them on fire.

The fire engines also arrived late. Only after the neighbors made repeated calls to the higher officials, they arrived.

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Women and children in Julakanti’s house cried in fear but no one showed any mercy.

For three hours, people in the town trembled in fear. Only after that, the police took stock of the situation.