KCR-L&TAn official release from KCR’s office on Saturday stated that L&T had agreed to work on the realignment of the Metro as KCR demanded and Telangana government was even prepared to take extra load of Rs 300- Rs 400 Cr expense. However, L&T VP Deepak Morada said proposal was not officially communicated and L&T neither said yes or no to the KCR’s proposal.

He said L&T is not against to the new propoal but it needs a full review of the current agreement. Changes to the Rail projects under construction are not easy like road projects, we can only approve such requests after the feedback from Engineering team, said Deepak.

It is known that L&T had openly expressed its concern that the delay of this major project is becoming unviable given the substantial drop of realestate in Hyderbad. It seems like L&T and Telanagana government pulling the metro in two different directions as we get contradictory statements from both.