Chandrababu Naidu review rating ministersIt is no exaggeration to say that Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu is the most hardworking CM in the country. Naidu is a very ambitious leader and wants to do every thing himself. Even though he has a team of ministers, Naidu supervises every ministry and makes sure that they are on right track.

However the Chief Minister is finding tough to balance his time, despite keeping away all his personal space aside. An example of his ambitiousness is that the Chief Minister disappointed with himself. Naidu has Tourism portfolio with himself. Recently in one of his assessment report, Naidu rated the department Zero.

Naidu has no inhibitions to accept that he is finding it difficult to give time to the department. Eight major departments in AP, including the education department headed by Ganta Srinivas Rao and Deputy Chief Minister KE Krishna Murthy’s stamps and registrations departments also received No Stars rating. Nine departments, including that of energy headed by the Chief Minister, the health department held by Kamineni Srinivas and the municipal administration department headed by K. Narayana got top ratings with three stars.