Lokesh's Way Of Motivating Social Media Cadre Former Minister and TDP General Secretary Nara Lokesh has a unique way of keeping the social media supporters motivated. Lokesh’s team identifies the most active party supporters and makes a list of them time to time.

Lokesh keeps following such accounts now and then. The party supporters feels it privileged to be followed by Lokesh and are motivated further to work hard.

On Tuesday, Lokesh followed a few Twitter accounts. TDP Twitter ecosystem is abuzz with such excited accounts.

They are seen flaunting screenshots of Lokesh following them. It is one of the simplest ideas and easy to implement. Maybe a hint for other political leaders to follow and keep their supporters motivated.

TDP which has neglected social media during 2014-19 has realized its importance after the defeat.

It has improved by leaps and bounds but TDP social media space is still very unorganized.