Lokesh_Challenge_JaganSocial media posts have been one of the major facets of Nara Lokesh’s ongoing Padayatra. Recently, he shared a photo of him posing alongside a price board outside a petrol pump, mocking Jagan over how AP has highest prices in all of India.

Now, Lokesh has cleverly used social media to mock Jagan again, and this around, in an even more striking manner.

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“My heart swelled with pride to see these sisters go to work at Dixon which I brought to AP. They invested 100 Crs and created 1000 direct and 5000 indirect employment. I challenge @ysjagan to show that he created one such job in the last 4 years.” Lokesh tweeted as he shared a snap of him posing with workers at Dixon, which was bought to AP by Lokesh.

The Jagan government has been facing a lot of criticism for the lack of efforts to bring investments and job-creating opportunities to the state and the same has been highlighted through Lokesh’s latest post.

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It’s known full well that the YCP government didn’t have many substantial investments or job creations in the last 4 years so netizens are commenting that Lokesh’s ‘pride’ challenge to Jagan will remain undefeated.