Nara-Lokesh-Zoom-Meeting-Vallabhaneni-Vamsi-Kodali-NaniNara Lokesh has conducted a Zoom meeting with some students and their parents about the recent tenth standard results where AP recorded a slump in pass percentage for the first time in many years.

While students and parents were speaking, suddenly YCP MLAs Kodali Nani and Vallabhaneni Vamsi appeared. They have logged in using the students’ ids.

TDP leaders say that Kodali Nani has logged in under the name of a student Karthik Krishna and Vamsi under the name of Navya Thota. They were disconnected immediately.

YSRCP Social media coordinator also logged in using another Id.

This is a serious security lapse on the part of Lokesh’s team.

If his team can not handle something as simple as a Zoom meeting, we can imagine the other things.

Ideally, there should be a background check to see if the students and parents were planted by YSR Congress.

We can see in the video here that Kodali Nani is in the same room as the student. They may be operating from YSR Congress’s office itself.

That exposes the hollowness of the entire meeting conducted by Lokesh’s team.

If the leaders can sneak into a zoom meeting of Lokesh, there are chances the ruling party can easily snoop into the party’s internal meetings.

After the pandemic, there is extensive use of Zoom meetings for the party’s internal discussions.

With elections just two years to go, their vulnerabilities should be arrested immediately or it can prove to be very costly.

A party that is known to be tech-savvy failing to handle something as simple as that is really shocking.