JAYAPRAKASH NARAYAN lok sattaJaya Prakash Narayana’s Lok Satta which called itself a Change Crusader managed crucial 2% votes in 2009 elections. The vote share went on to become game changer in that elections in several seats despite the party only winning a single seat.

But the dream run ended in the next five years with JP himself losing and his party totally getting decimated in the 2014 elections. JP also moved in to political horizon after the election. But the former bureaucrat is trying to stage a comeback to people and politics with a TV show.

JP will be hosting this TV show and it will focus on how the future of AP will be and what should be done by the state government and the center to help the state out of the bifurcation. The show in HMTV will begin in the third week of December and the first episode will happen in Hyderabad.