Lok Satta and TDP alliance talks in bizarre!

Jaya Prakash Narayan’s Lok Satta Party severely dented Telugu Desam Party’s chances in 2009. The party received 1000-10000 votes in most constituencies and played spoilsport in TDP’s winning chances. However those votes did not help Lok Satta either as the party managed to win just one seat. In order to improve their chances of winning, Lok Satta has opened doors for alliances in the state. The party is asking for 20 Assembly seats and one Parliament seat.

But all the seats being asked by Lok Satta are strong forte of TDP. They are eyeing seats with more educated and settler voters in Telangana region. If TDP allots these seats to Lok Satta, their tally in Telangana will be very bare and it may lead to the death of the party in the region too. Lok Satta reportedly gave 34 seats list to TDP and are asking them to choose any 20 for them. TDP leaders are not at all in favour giving these many seats. They say Lok Satta is on ventilator and it is difficult for the party to win even one seat this time.