Loan Waivers to Save Congress Party in Telangana, Andhra PradeshCongress Party which was reduced to a Zero in Andhra Pradesh managed to be the Main Opposition Party in Telangana. But then, the Grand Old Party like in all the states of the country sees no future in AP and Telangana at least in the coming years.

Telangana Congress has unleashed a Two Lakh Loan Waiver on the voters hoping that it would come to power. AP Congress is also mulling a similar idea. Congress believes that Loan Waivers have helped Chandrababu and KCR come to power in both the states.

But then, Congress seems to be overestimating Loan Waiver effect. The sooner they realize that Chandrababu won on development plank and KCR emerged victorious due to Telangana Sentiment, the better for the party which has done politics for more than 100 years now.