Liquor to rescue Cash Strapped AP?Andhra Pradesh government is keen on increasing the Liquor rates very soon. The Liquor manufacturing companies are keen on price hike for a long time. Finally the government appointed a committee to decide the rates. The committee will submit its report to the government in few days and a final decision will be taken then.

While the companies are keen on 20% hike, the price hike will be any where between 10% and 20%, according to sources. Excise department officials say the hike will be confined only to 10%. The hike will ensure a minimum 10 Rupees income for a Quarter Bottle. Price Hike will mean that government will get more income from taxes.

And so this hike will also help the government coffers to some extent. The price hike will be applicable for both local and foreign made liquor. Income through Liquor is one of the major source of income in both the Telugu States.