Telangana Liquor SalesLiquor sales are setting a record in the state of Telangana. Sales, which slowed down during the New Year celebrations due to the COVID sanctions in 2020, are have picked up in 2021. In the last five days alone, sales have crossed Rs 902 crore.

The month of December also saw the highest sales. 3,435 crore (Rs. 2,764 crore in December 2020) as never before. 202.42 crore on December 27, 155.48 crores on December 28, Rs. 149.53 crore on December 29, Rs. 246.56 crore on December 30 and Rs. 148.52 crore till 7 pm on December 31.

The Government has allowed wine shops and bars to function till 1 AM on January 1st. So, the numbers are likely to be more. The state had sales of Rs 25,601.39 crore in 2020 and Rs 30,196 crore in 2021 as of Friday evening.

The excise department estimates that a total of 3,68,68,975 cases of liquor and 3,25,82,859 cases of beer were sold during the year. Rangareddy district alone recorded sales of Rs 6,979 crore, Nalgonda Rs 3,288 crore, and Hyderabad Rs 3,201 crore.