kalvakuntla Kavitha Deeksha DelhiBRS’s Kavitha’s name has been resonating for a while now. She is one of the accused in the Delhi liquor scam and has been called for investigation on the 11th of March.

In the meantime, Kavitha is set to hold a protest at Jantar Mantar, with the motive of the women reservation bill that she had been proposing. She had been fighting for 33% reservations for women in public representatives houses.

Incidentally, the Delhi police first granted permission for the protest and later revoked it, saying BJP too is holding a protest here against the Delhi Liquor scale.

But now, BJP has shifted their protest from Jantar Mantar to Deen Dayal Marg road and hence, the line has been cleared for Kavitha.

Kavitha is set to spearhead the women’s rights protest which is scheduled to be held tomorrow. As many as 6000 people are expected to attend the protest.

The fact that Kavitha is attending their protest a day before having to attend the ED investigation in connection with the Delhi Liquor scam has started to catch everyone’s attention now.