Raghu Rama Krishna RajuYSR Congress Rebel MP Raghu Rama Krishna Raju taunted the AP finance minister saying that he is staying more in Delhi these days. He suggested that it would be better to have five finance ministers like how the state has five deputy CMs like no other state in the country.

RRR is obviously ridiculing the poor financial situation of the state wherein the finance minister and the senior officials of the department have to camp in Delhi for days together to get loans even to pay the salaries and pensions of the government employees.

Earlier this week, the government has taken a 2000 Crore loan in the RBI auction. The loan has been taken at 7.12%, the highest interest rate in the country but the RBI deposited the money towards Overdraft. Even after the 2000 Crore deposit, the state government is yet to come out of the Overdraft completely which means the state has to get more loans to pay the OD first and then pay to the employees and pensioners.

Finance Minister Buggana Rajendranath Reddy and other senior officials are in Delhi for more days and bring the funds to tide over the August crisis. RRR is taunting to have more finance ministers will make things easy unlike Buggana managing everything all alone now.