Developing the Roads leading to Amaravathi!Keeping in the view of growing traffic on all state highways leading to Amaravathi, the new state capital of Andhra Pradesh, the state government is planning to develop all the important roads in the state leading to Amaravathi as four-laned or three-laned at least. The Cash strapped state do not have the funds to execute these roads on its own and is opting for Public-Private-Partnership model.

Out of the total road length of 40,000 km in Andhra Pradesh, several corridors with a total length of 3,500 km have been identified in the 13 districts for the purpose of PPT model. The state government is plannint a techno-economic survey has to be conducted for these roads to assess the traffic now and in future.

The problem with this model is that the users have to pay toll for plying on these roads. In Madhya Pradesh, over 10000 Kms of roads are developed with private participation and the experiment is a hit with the people of the state. So AP is thinking on the lines of replicating the model here.