NTR_100Rupees_Silver_CoinIn a rare accreditation, the RBI is on course to roll out a new Rs 100 coin made entirely with silver and it will have none other than the legendary Sr NTR on it.

Reportedly, the government of India has decided to roll out a new Rs 100 coin with NTR’s portrait stamping.

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A replica of the fully silver NTR coin is being tested out and the mint’s representatives had recently taken the same to Daggubati Purandeshwari, the daughter of NTR to take her feedback on the same.

It is also heard that the design has been approved and the same could be officially released by the RBI and the central Mint in the due course.

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The fact that the pride of the Telugu land, Sr NTR is featuring on a special Rs 100 coin that is to be rolled out by the RBI is a matter of great pride to the Telugu community across the globe.

A few netizens have commented that this could be the BJP-led central government’s move to impress NTR and TDP’s vote bank ahead of the forthcoming Andhra Pradesh and Telangana elections.

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