Leaders Surrender, What Will Common Employees Do?After an earth-shattering Chalo Vijayawada, Employees Associations‘ leaders  have surrendered meekly at the last minute. The PRC Sadhana Commitee and Cabinet committee jointly declared the talks as Success and announced calling off the indefinite strike.

The Government did not agree to increase the IR (fitment) which is the prime demand and only agreed upon some small issues. Then, ‘Talks Successful’ announced both the parties and went home happily. The average employee who toiled in the name of Chalo Vijayawada were left high and dry.

Teachers Associations have boycotted the joint press conference and announced that they do not agree with the compromise and will continue to agitate with like-minded Associations.

“We demanded at least for a virtual meeting with the CM but the Ministers did not agree,” they said. We will have to see how the common Employees react to this surrender.

“These leaders have also surrendered similarly when the Government announced this fitment. But the common Employees did not agree and pushed them to agitate. They surrendered once again. It has to be seen how they respond now,” a political expert told us.