Leaders Plenty, Attendance Nil In Gannavaram YCPIn Gannavaram, there is a problem of plenty in the YSR Congress but the leaders are shying away from the constituency. The Gadapa Gadapaku Program got stalled completely. MLA Vallabhaneni Vamsi is not coming to the constituency for almost three months.

Vallabhaneni Vamsi, who is studying ISB went to the Mohali campus on June 18 this year to attend classes. While there, he got infected by Corona and flew down to Hyderabad for treatment. Since then he is not coming to the constituency.

He came to Amaravati once to exercise his right to vote in the presidential election and once to attend the district review meeting chaired by the CM and from there he went to Hyderabad. Recently, he came to the constituency for YSR Death Anniversary.

Thus, he came to the constituency only once in three months. He did not even attend the ongoing assembly session as well. Earlier, he completed the Gadapa Gadapaku program only On the second day of this month, he came to participate in the death anniversary in five villages

Dutta Ramachandra Rao and Yarlagadda Venkatarao, who has been leading YSR Congress since the beginning, have almost stayed away from party activities except for personal visits ever since Vamsi came into the party.

Even though Jagan instructed Vamsi and Venkatarao to work together, they are refusing to do so. In August, Venkatrao suffered a cardiac arrest and got treated in Hyderabad and is staying there.

Dutta Ramachandra Rao, who contested on behalf of the YSR Congress in the 2014 elections and lost, has been completely inactive. He is not participating in government and party-related affairs. He recently attended a statue unveiling event of YSR under the leadership of former MP KVP Ramachandra Rao in Ampapuram, along with the Congress leaders. It has become a topic of discussion in the constituency.

As a result, YSR Congress local leaders and cadres are in a state of confusion as they do not know who to talk to about their problems.