The bifurcation issue is already over now. It is a hard pill to swollow for Seema Andhra people but they have to come in to terms of reality. But the fuss is not over yet. The new ruckus is about the state capital. As the elections are currently underway in the state, all the leaders of various parties are divided over the new capital. Each of them wants their place to be the capital and are promising voters to lobby for ‘their place’ if voted to power. Hence the capital issue became a prominent poll promise in this electon.

The demands from state capital are ranging from Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada, Ongole and Guntur in coastal Andhra to Kurnool of Rayalaseema region. A professor in Andhra University says, “Getting a capital by lobbying equals to cheating of this region once again. A capital issue can not be sentiment. The ability to draw investments, geographical location, easy connectivity of roads rail and air, logistics, availability of water, earthquake vulnerability, cultural ambiance and pollution aspects are to be considered before finalizing the suitable area”.