Lawyer In Jagan's Cases To Get Rajya Sabha Seat?Four Rajya Sabha MP seats will be falling vacant this June in Andhra Pradesh and two from Telangana. Elections for these seats will happen on June 10th.

The ruling parties in both the states will win these seats effortlessly.

Reports are that YSR Congress has finalized candidates for the four seats.

One of the seats will be given to the candidate recommended by the BJP high command.

Leading industrialist Gautham Adani or his wife Preethi Adani may get the seat.

Niranjan Reddy, a lawyer in Jagan’s disproportionate cases (also a Tollywood producer) may get one berth.

In case, Jagan wants to give the seat to another BC. Former Union Minister Killi Kruparani may also get a chance. She is also a late joinee from Congress. She joined the party just before the 2019 elections.

Beedha Mastan Rao, a cash bag who joined YSR Congress from TDP may be given a chance.

Confusion is prevailing about the last seat. Vijaysai Reddy is expecting a renomination. But then, Beedha Mastan Rao is already from Nellore and so is Vijaysai Reddy.

The Chief Minister is in two minds if he should give two seats to the same district.

Also, there are various other issues pertaining to Vijaysai Reddy’s renomination.

Apart from Vijaysai Reddy, all the seats are going to leaders who have come to the party from other parties ignoring loyalists.