YSRCP-Blue-Media-Late YS Rajasekhara Reddy’s wife, YS Vijayalakshmi stepped down as YSR Congress party’s honorary President and announced supporting Sharmila’s party in Telangana.

There are differences in the family but Vijayamma as a mother did take an honorable exit without troubling Jagan politically.

But there are obvious signs of cracks within the family.

Vijayamma completely staying with Sharmila in the latter’s house and the brother and sister not even sharing pleasantries at YS Samadhi is an indication of it.

Blue media is suddenly talking about family values and how TDP and its supporting media are poking into the personal lives of the YS family.

But when it says so, it will have to think if they are eligible to lecture to others.

When YSRCP leaders stooped too low and badmouthed Chandrababu’s wife right in the assembly.

From the blue media to the Chief Minister, everyone tried to brush off the incident as nothing and could not even condemn it.

YSR Congress social media teams repeatedly target Balakrishna’s daughter, Brahmani when she attended Rahul Gandhi’s meeting of the industrialists in Hyderabad.

Brahmani attended as the Executive Director of Heritage Foods. YSRCP social media tried to give vulgar twists to the meeting. No one from the party stopped them.

Now, they are lamenting that Jagan’s issue is a family issue and are cursing others for talking about it.

Jagan, Sharmila, and Vijayamma are all political people. They have all actively participated in politics. It is a joke if anyone says it is a family issue and no one should talk about it.

In case it is a family issue, why did Jagan push his mother to announce it in the party plenary?

We all have seen how Vijayamma was reading a script.

It is better for Blue and Reddy media to see its black before lecturing others about what to do and what not to do.

They should remember that what they do to others will come back to haunt them. That is the law of Karma!