Last Chance For People, Not For Me: ChandrababuTelugu Desam Party supremo Chandrababu Naidu is on a tour of the West Godavari district. He received a rousing reception from the locals as crowds turned up in big numbers. The traffic was jammed for several kilometres as Chandrababu arrived at Dendaluru.

Naidu addressed the massive crowds at the public event and came down heavily on Jagan and the YCP government’s scrappy administration.

“This isn’t the last election for me. But it is the last chance for people to undo the mistake they did in 2019 by voting for Jagan in 2024. I have nothing new to prove. I don’t need a new history page. I was the CM for 14 years and have been in politics for 40 years.” Chandrababu said.

“I asked the public not to be fooled by Jagan’s show of love. I knew it was all fake and if he became the CM, there would be destruction. You’re all getting to see it now. He’s destroying the state. At least wake up now and vote for TDP in 2024. There will be no Amaravati or Polavaram if he comes again” Naidu added.

Naidu added that Jagan is incapable of completing Polavaram and all he did for the project after becoming the CM is call for reverse tendering. Naidu’s speech was received with cheers and applause by the public.