TDP-Chandrababu-Naidu-Kurnool-Andhra-PradeshFormer Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu toured Kurnool district the other day. Addressing the people there, Naidu said the coming election is going to be his last and asked people to give a chance to make Kaurava Sabha into Gaurava Sabha.

He also reminded the people how his wife has been insulted in the Assembly. There are mixed opinions about this ‘Last Chance’ statement of Chandrababu Naidu.

Some opine that it is an effective election strategy on the lines of ‘Okka Chance’ by Jagan in 2019. Furthermore, the female sentiment is added and will work wonders, they say.

Some others say it may not be a great strategy because it may portray Chandrababu as weak and desperate. They say he should bank on Government failures than anything else.

There are instances of sentiment working on the voters and there are instances that did not work. Chandrababu did not receive sentiment even when attacked by Landmines. In the immediate election after YSR’s demise, Jagan did not get benefitted.

But then, Alipiri happened at the heights of anti-incumbency and Jagan could not make YSR sentiment as the prime election issue for 2014. So, it is still tricky to rule out the sentiment factor