Modi with his mother

BJP under the leadership of Narendra Modi had achieved a landslide victory. The party alone bagged 284 seats in the Parliament elections. It is known that 272 is the magic figure and BJP achieved it on its own. This is the first such instance since 1984 in which a single party getting majority on its own. On the other side, Congress party just managed 47 seats which is the lowest tally for the party in recent times and will also not get it the Main Opposition party status in the Lok Sabha.

BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate addressed the public in Vadodhara a short while ago. Modi has assured the huge crowd that all their difficulties will be ended today and dedicated his win to the nation. Modi won from Vadodara with a victory margin of 5.7 lakh votes, a record in general elections. BJP has won all the 26 MP seats in Gujarat and all the 25 MP seats in Rajasthan.