Stamps-and-registrations-hyDespite the attainment of new state, the real estate in Telangana has got no improvement. The state had reached only 52% of the target in land registrations so far. The land registrations have gone down during the agitation times but showed no improvement later. In general, Hyderabad and Rangareddy constitute for 68% of total land registrations income of the state but both these districts have only contributed 968.83 Crores out of the targeted 3283 Crores for this financial year.

The real estate in rest of the districts of Telangana is also struggling as well. Hyderabad and Rangareddy managed just 70 and 60.4% of their targets. Except for Nizamabad (61.74%), no other districts of the state reached 60% of their projected incomes for this year.

With only five months remaining this year, reaching this targets will be next to impossible. It is said that buyers are taking back in expectation of prices to come down and at the same time, realtors are holding up their property sales in anticipation of prices improving month after month.