Vijayawada-city-photoThe upcoming capital area in Andhra Pradesh has been witnessing real boom all of a sudden. The government has announced a capital on both sides of Krishna River in Krishna and Guntur districts. The district Registrar Officers and sub-registrar offices in both the districts are witnessing sudden rush.

There were 60000 registrations in both the districts from April and October 2013 and the registration in the same period this year have already crossed 1.14 Lakh. The land losing farmers were in dilemma whether to accept government’s proposal and be uncertain about the future which hugely depends up on various factors or cash the real demand. Most of the farmers are keen on disposing of their lands as the demand for land and prices have spiraled.

The registrations number may have been more if not for the real estate brokers give token advance to take possession of land and sell off land to the third party with out registering lands.