With the sudden boom of real estate in Krishna and Guntur districts due to the capital anticipation, the land disputes are on rise in the area. The major cause of the disputes is the refusal of the landlords to execute sale deeds on old prices. There are also attempts of land encroachments particularly the lands belonging to aged landlords. Interestingly there are fake registrations as well like never before in the past.

Recently a 200 Crore deal in Peddakakani and a 20 crore deal in Mangalagiri were closed in favour of unauthorized persons with fake sale deeds. Registration officials, Middlemen and rowdy-sheeters are making huge money through this fake transactions. Police of the district are opening rowdy-sheets against those involved in fake registration and land grabbing. They say as many as 100 such cases were registered in Guntur and Krishna districts in the last couple of months.