Lagadapati-Survey-Chandrababu--Naidu-Back-for-Second-TermA Survey telecast by ABN – Andhrajyothy which claims to be done by Lagadapati Rajagopal’s RG Flash Team says Chandrababu Naidu is coming back for a Second Term if the elections were to happen today. The survey says TDP will better its tally of 2014 and will get 110 seats. YSR Congress is confined to 60 while Janasena and Others just managing Five.

The findings about the Vote Share says TDP will largely maintain what it got in 2014 and loses less than 1% due to Janasena. YSR Congress will be losing 7% when compared to its 2014 Numbers. Janasena gets 8.1% Votes which is not even half of what Praja Rajyam got in 2009.

Coming to the regional demograph, TDP maintains an unassailable lead over YSR Congress in Coastal Andhra except East Godavari. Interestingly, TDP has a healthy 4% lead over YSR Congress in the latter’s Bastion, Rayalaseema. TDP maintains slender lead over the Opposition Party in Uttarandhra and surprisingly, Janasena is doing better there than in the Coastal Andhra.

The survey says in places where TDP is losing it is more due to the friction over the local MLAs than the anti-incumbency over Chandrababu Naidu. That will also mean change of candidates in such places may increase TDP’s Tally. The survey says TDP still leads with 10% over YSR Congress in districts where Jagan has completed his Padayatra.